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Cyber Clean - discover a new way
of cleaning

Cyber Clean is a unique compound designed especially for cleaning and disinfecting places and surfaces not reached by conventional cleaning solutions. Discover a completely new dimension of cleaning with Cyber Clean. It protects you against harmful bacteria and promotes a healthy living environment, be it at home, at the workplace or when travelling.

After a decade of careful research and testing, JOKER Group introduced the Cyber Clean cleaning compound in 2007. To learn more about our products and how to use them, please visit the individual product pages.


Cyber Clean Products

Cyber Clean Stylus-Pro receives prestigious red dot design award 2013
Stylus-Pro won the international jury over in the “best product design” category. Functional and stylish in its design, Stylus-Pro is not only a handy stylus pen but also removes dirt, dust and stains from sensitive screens such as tablet computers and smart phones. Learn more

Cyber Clean Products

Home & Office - rid your equipment of germs.

Car - show germs the door.

Hypoallergenic - breathe easy in a clean house.

For Inside Shoes - kick out bad odors.

Screen Cleaning Solutions - spray, wipe, experience!

Tips and tricks for using Cyber Clean

Whether you are looking to clean your keyboard or disinfect your shoes; we have the right product for you! Visit our Cleaning Tips section for an insider’s guide to cleaning.