“With PawCare, it is easy to keep your dog’s paws healthy and clean. Its natural ingredients care for the paws and clean small wounds.”
Daniel Senn, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

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V.I.P.: Very Important Paws

Give your dog’s paws the VIP treatment they need – PawCare keeps paws healthy and clean so that your dog can run, play and enjoy life to the fullest. Learn more

The benefits of PawCare

1. Hygienic care - Extracts dirt particles and harmful germs even in between digital pads and cares with substances like jojoba oil and allantoin.

2. Paw protection - Effectively cleans small wounds from bacteria and germs and reduces the risks of painful paw infections.

3. Fast and fun - Quick and easy to use, leaves no residues – makes paw cleaning fun!

4. Ecological and safe - Biodegradable, based on natural ingredients.